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Firedog Studios is a professional recording facility where your satisfaction is our number one goal.

We have all the professional gear that the big boys use around the world featuring our Pro Tools HD system with a Control 24 mixing board from Avid. The gear is amazing and we are proud to offer its powerful features to our clients. We also have an amazing signal chain with top notch microphones, preamps, compressors, and digital converters.
Our credits include songs that appeared on radio stations including Sirius\XM radio, internet commercials, Network Television shows, and major compilation CDs and artist releases in the US and Europe. Our engineers are members of the Audio Engineer's Society and the National Audio Recording Arts Society and have taught Audio technology in local music schools, high schools, and guest lectured at community colleges.
Browse our site, tour the studio, and feel free to contact us with questions or schedule an appointment to view the studio firsthand and discuss your project.



  • Avid Pro Tools HD v 10
  • Avid HD I/O


  • Control 24



  • 1-Neumann TLM-103
  • 2-AKG-451
  • 1-AKG-460
  • 1-AKG-D112
  • 1-AT-Pro25
  • 4-Shure SM-57
  • 3-Shure SM-58
  • 1-Shure Beta Green 4.0
  • 1-BLUE Dragonfly
  • 2-Sennheiser MD421
  • 1-Royer Labs R121
  • 1-Cascade Big Head
  • 1-Audix D6
Outboard Gear

Outboard Gear

  • Neve 33114 (Pair)
  • Universal Audio 6176
  • Chandler Audio Abbey Rd Edition (Pair)
  • Mackie Onyx 800R
  • Manley Tube DI
  • Summit Audio TD-100 Preamp/DI
  • Urei LA-4
  • Universal Audio 1176
  • Empirical Labs Distressor
  • Summit Audio TLA-50 Tube Leveling Amp
  • Yamaha SPX-1000


  • Yamaha NS-10's
  • KrK Rokits 5"


  • Hear Technologies Monitoring System
  • VOX AC15
  • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
  • Fender Blues Junior
  • Gibson GA40
  • HiWatt combo
  • Mesa Boogie Blue Angel
  • Marshall Valve-State 100W guitar Amp
  • Alesis QS8 Keyboard 88 weighted keys
  • Various guitars and basses!
  • Lava Lamp (of course)
  • SansAmp Bass DI box
  • Midi Controller
  • Neutrik patch bays